Many people will tell you that the biggest drawback to the internet is trust, or lack thereof. A big part of trust is familiarity. When you make an important purchase or investment, you want to know who you’re doing business with. Business transactions on the web should not be any different.

Designing Results is located in North Liberty, Iowa.  Although we call Iowa our home, we are true to the spirit of the world wide web and deal equally with clients of any region or country.

What sets Designing Results apart from the multitude of other Web Designers? Attention to detail, pride in our work, knowledge of the medium, and a commitment to thorough, complete, and professionally presented projects — to name a few areas. We are a small company, so you’re not paying for extensive overhead. With Designing Results, your project isn’t “done” just because it has reached the limits of the package or budget. We will work with you to ensure that it is complete and presentable.

Longevity?  Designing Results has roots back to before The Internet was available to the Public.  Designs were text based and connection speeds were 1200 baud when we started.  We moved to Internet based sites in 1996 and became a “for profit” business in 1997.  Since then we have been helping business professionals create and maintain their presence on The Internet by designing websites with every aspect of HTML and marketing techniques.

We offer Web Hosting services through our sister site Our experience in the Computer Industry is extensive and we build websites that take advantage of the Technology without losing focus of all the goals necessary for a website design to be successful.